Singapore never sleeps

As the first leg of a long-haul flight to London, the Brisbane to Singapore experience was quite a pleasant one. The relief of no delays, easy security and very short immigration queues was a welcome start to what promised to be a looong, long-haul. Bye Brissie!

Singapore Airlines service is always impeccable, and the food at midnight was extremely tasty….well as much as a passionfruit gelato can be when all you want to do is drift off. Movie selection was not enticing, but the music helped lull me into dreamland.

Masks were a definite, but not mandatory, positive. The numbers of coughing and snuffily passengers rang a few alarm bells, but the new travelling world offers “freedom with risks”…, the risk begins.

Arriving into Changi Airport in the dark was different, but the bright lights of the shopping precincts soon heralded the dawn of the Shoppers’ Paradise…..and for a non-shopper, the lure of a Fendi handbag was very fleeting – rapidly replaced with a few meanderings around the Terminal 3 halls.

If the midnight feast hadn’t still been making its presence felt I might have tackled a bowl of my favourite Congee…..but no! It was the Butterfly Garden and the beautiful tree-lined seating area which won the day.

With fierce competition from local producers as well as the International frachisees, the bigger, brighter and more creative advertising wins out! Louis Vuitton was definitely the winner!

From previous visits, the orchids have always been spectacular. Today the orchids are not as prominent. They tend to be mingled in with other flowers and greenery.

But I couldn’t pass up a bookstore 🤗

Congee calling.

So now 12 plus hours to Frankfurt………catch you then