Arrivals and Departures

With an arrival into the UK which was relatively hassle-free during the 23 hour transit, a troubling sniffle while gawping at the lights of late-night Paddington Station (no sight of P Bear though) turned into a head cold. Apologies to the other 8 females in the dorm at the student Staysafe Hostel in Kensington’s Hammond Walk…..the sniffle had become a chesty cough by night 2. Not the C virus, but a painful start to the Bucket List Book Adventure……sigh!

Arrival to the creative arts in London….as close as the licorice theme in the hostel…loved the bright dorm entry.

The Design Museum….what a great walk.

Kensington High Street…the old and the new

Arrival at West Dulwich

So it was a solace to rid myself of this condition to meet my house hosts for the cat sit for the week. Park Hall Road is a mixture of cottage gardens, unit blocks and a small village set of shops….and interesting, trusting hosts and two very different Burman cats to care for.

So the garden, cats and quiet isolation were just the shot in the arm I needed….as well as the cough medicine. As the UK quietly shut down into deep mourning and outpourings of respect, I adjusted to the differences in hot water systems, a house full of organic products garnered from their community allotments, and the arrival to the UK was off and running.

Departure of HRH ELIZABETH II9

My all day funeral broadcast in front of the BBC TV, was a bit disappointing not to be out there amongst the throngs, but safe and warm with the furry friends.

Departure of the cold….yeeha!

Arrival at Dulwich Picture Gallery……and a great re-entry into the trip, and the arrival of my taste buds again. 🌻

And a wonderful interview with the lovely bookshop owner, Cathy and assistant Kitty at Dulwich Books…..and now the chance to start the Spotify podcasting soon…..stay tuned.

Belair House

And so we begin…….

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