An Amble Through Ambleside

This was the day of tripping dreams :- the rain held off; the trains and buses were running and on time; the roads were well–signed and I didn’t get lost; and I found all the bookshops and museum on my list and shouted myself a delicious Thai lunch.

Lancaster is a pretty good base from which to explore, and trains were not on strike, so it was a short sector to Oxenholme where it was a simple platform change to head to Windemere. From there the Stagecoach Bus took the scenic route along the Lake Windermere and past the ‘way out of my price range’ huge homes and ivy covered stone wall fences until we came into Ambleside. Life was looking very bright and the sun was peeking through mostly grey skies.

I was immediately drawn to the cleverly designed and signed shop fronts, the narrow footpaths and the delicious choclates and cinder toffee (honeycomb). After a few days of wet, windy weather and train strikes, I could feel my face beaming – must have looked a bit crazed, but I didn’t care. So the pic snaps were a reflection of my beaming.

The first bookshop was a great mix of books and maps about the Lakes District and local mountaineering and hiking attractions. Gavin was a very knowledgeable helper and it has an amazing range of jigsaws and gifts, including the famous Ducks. Lots of books and toys to keep holidaying fun afloat…..see below. Although Gavin couldn’t help with my quest to find Dan Richards’ The Outpost, he directed me to Fred’s Bookstore up the roa

Slow window shopping meant I discovered quirky signs, appreciated the mill wheel and river, and smelt the delicious aromas coming from the bakeries and many cafes. The mountaineering/hiking/boating theme was very much catered for by the many outdoors clothing shops – though the determined and brisk walkers on the narrow footpaths indicated that perhaps it was more fashion features rather than functional purchasing.

Fred’s didn’t have my book either but I enjoyed checking out the very well-equipped shelves, and deciding which clothes to discard to compensate the weight for my purchase – I know! It wasn’t meant to happen on this trip, but I was weak.

Ambleside is an amazing town. Great history, grand houses, churches, loads of different types of accommodation and cosy coffee shops, and the Armitt Museum. Named after the three Armitt sisters, this Museum and Library is a great asset to the culture of the area. I spent ages looking and learning about the sisters, the children’s beloved writer Beatrix Potter and her detailed wildlife illustrations, the local mountaineering history and rescues and the life and local ties of the poet William Wordsworth via the very professional exhibitions.

Sigh….I am losing more clothes as I gained another couple of books on the Armitt sisters and their many contributions to Ambleside 😄

After a couple of ambling hours I enjoyed a delicious Thai Pad at the Tuk Tuk endowed restaurant before reversing the bus/train/train back to Lancaster., with grateful thanks to the very clean bathroom facilities at Booth’s Food Store and Cafe at Windemere.

Ambleside is a definite for the small group tour.

The Armitt Centre

So it was back to Lancaster and an amble past the Quaker Meeting House while refecting on a perfect day over a strong traditional ginger beer.

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly with the other comment. Feel free to buy up big though, as you can post them here ~ we’ll only ‘look’ after them until you get back ~ they’ll be preloved and waiting for you 🙂


  2. Looking at the array of things to buy, I think you are showing remarkable restraint. Buying another bag is an option, but I guess it comes down to how much you want to lug around on your travels. But please keep at least one set of clothes.😂


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