Sacre Coeur

Surrounding streets have more than the Cathedral to excite the senses –


Architecturally a wonder!

Pilgrimage site for countless Catholics!

Always someone cashing in – not a fan of the lock habit. But the street performer is always mesmeric.

Panoramiv View a bit too hazy

2 thoughts on “Sacre Coeur

  1. Hi Lyndall. So many wonderful memories you are creating for yourself and also for us. Fabulous photos and reading your blog is ALMOST as good as being there. We had a wonderful but exhausting time in Montmartre. Also loved your Lancaster piece ( last time around I was married in a lovely chapel in Pendleton with a reception at Fence Gate at the foot of Pendle Hill. Doomed to disaster with all those witches Pat


    • Lol….I was fascinated by the witching stories and have enjoyed reading about them. Thanks for liking the posts…I am enjoying the trip very much and looking forward to the next leg in Dublin too.
      Hope the new house is bringing you joy. Sending lots of love xxc


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