Delightful Duggan Street

Toowoomba is a walker’s paradise. The CBD offers so many gems, and a stroll to meet friends for lunch in Duggan Street reminded me of the treasures to be found.

Cutting through the gardens on Ruthven Street to zigzag past the Regional Council offices and the absolutely stunning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander totems presents a visual feast in a haven of trees and green – workers lunching in the peaceful surrounds must bring a wellness bonus for their workplaces. The history the totems tell is unfolding for us all to learn about, and the community is so much richer for that knowledge.

Then into Duggan Street and the first of Toowoomba’s now famous street art. There is a map of the whole mosaic of street art which entices locals and visitors alike to wander in wonder at the talent here. Check it out at the Visitor Information Centre.

Streetscapes differ everywhere, but Duggan Street has a very gentle and subtle difference. It is bounded on one side by the no nonsense architecture of the Grand Central building walls, car park and walkway, plus a few professional offices and the Suncorp bank on the corner. Nothing special there really. 😀

However it is on the opposite side of Duggan Street leading down to Margaret Street that the diversity of small businesses stands out. Toowoomba is attracting a range of new health and beauty offerings, as well as the contemporary Proof Brewery with its hip following, the classy John’s Hair Studio, and plenty of eateries and laneway coffee shops to cater for all tastes. Hopefully the businesses will get ongoing support.

Two Birds Cafe was our oldies lunchtime destination and the usual catching up was on the menu. Food, genteel service and attention to detail made our Duggan Street rendezvous a definite thumbs up and the reason to return.