Aussie Elvis takes on the Brits

Forget Eurovision – Toowoomba has Elvis Vision!

With barely twelve months of tribute gigs under the bling of his Elvis belt, Toowoomba go-getting performer, Tristan James is getting prepared for a trip to the UK in 2023 to compete in the European Elvis Championships against 40 other Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) for the honour and the next step in his increasingly familiar role of the King of Rock and Roll. Tristan has a background of local roles in many productions at the Empire Theatre, and is keen to represent his home town and make the most of his singing and acting talents and follow his dreams.

Oh Tilly Photography has captured Tristan’s essence andctribute to the King in this one image from the day…….great job Tilly!

Local Federal Member for Groom, Garth Hamilton, who is well-known for his attention to all that is going on in the community saw that Tristan was heading over to show the Brits what they were up against and suggested a opportunity for a creative activity by connecting music lovers to a burgeoning local talent. His guitar playing was ready and willing to be the background for a joint gig. Tristan turned to the very supportive local business network to make it a happening thing.

Another community-minded local identity, Kim Cahill from KC Strategic Media Services, a proud longtime advocate for local people, places, food, events and business through her well-established Toowoomba Darling Downs Community support platform, was inspired by Tristan’s story to arrange a gathering to get the story out to the Toowoomba community. With her Social Media contacts and her network through BNI The Range, Kim approached All Star Brokers and the delightful Sonia offered her Mt Kynoch home as a venue – with her beautifully decorated Christmas Tree as the backdrop.

Of course this brought to mind the Elvis seasonal song – Blue Christmas. Tristan was well and truly on board to practise the song in such a peaceful bushland setting and was especially pleased to be able to share with other media outlets organised through Kim. Garth was such a good sport to take time to strum, whistle and tap along.

So, buoyed by Sonia and Kate’s All Star hospitality, and Sonia’s delicious Cypriot heritage pastries to boost his energy level, it was down to the professionals to set up the sound and camera gear – Tilly Mykat from Oh Tilly Photography, Clayton and his video angles from Little Pig Consulting and the super-chilled Channel 7 pro, Peter, with his relaxed interview style, and MollyB Blogging taking in the human aspects rather than the technical.

You can check out the great brandishots at Oh Tilly Photography ‘ Face Book page – til then you have my MollyB Blogging happy snaps.

The atmosphere was very Christmasy and Tristan and Garth sparred neatly off each other. Decked out in his identifiable red-spangled jumpsuit, the eagle insignia with the hair and sideburns refecting Elvis’ trademark, and warming up those distinctive flexible hips, Tristan effortlessly sang and wiggled a great rendition.

We know that the tribute artists are a friendly group, and we know that music reaches each and every one of us, so it will certainly be a fun time for Toowoombaites to get behind Tristan and support his journey as Elvis leaves the building here and enters the European arena.

Tristan is very much looking forward to the overseas experience. He will be travelling with his wife to the UK in 2023 to compete for the experience. He is expecting fierce competition, but judging by the impromptu promo efforts, he will be right at home doing his tribute to the King. Thanks to everyone involved in the fun.