Australia’s Standing Stones

What a trbute to the creators of this memorial site – an annual festival celebrating all things Celtic in the heart of the New England High Country overlooking the charming town of Glen Innes.

With a vision and community spirit, the plan, the design and the practical labour to establish the site a hardy band have created a site unique to the immigrants who were courageous enough to make a new life in an unknown land. The traditions and culture they transplanted on the landscape are alive and well, and the annual gathering of the Clans is testament to the generations who have gone before, and to the determination of those who want to see it continue into the future.

The site is set on the higher area where the sky meets the expanse of grass tough enough to withstand the tread of many feet over the years, and where the various stones pay tribute to many contributions. The picnic area, the delightful cafe, The Croft, with its incredible library, chess set of the Picts, and the delicious food offerings and the peaceful view are all excellent reasons to spend time here.

Central to the site are the memorials. The wall embedded with stones dedicated to clans, families, organisations and individuals entices people to wander, read and be awed by the various stones and their inspirational heritage.

Things of particular interest to me were the way of measuring with the Ogham Stone, the memorial walkway and stairs dedicated to Pipe Major Ferguson, and the stone highlighting the mythical King Arthur and the Sword Excalibur.

Looking out over the site, my imagination turned to the festival and what a difference the sounds of the pipers and the feats of strengths, the dancing and the general air of joy in all things Celtic must make when the Festival is on.

Am already looking forward to the 4-7th May 2023 when this site will ring out loud in tribute.