Superb Snowy Mountains

Khancoban as a base is a great location!

Exploring the region is made easy by the warmth and knowledge of the locals and the efforts of the various groups determined to keep alive and thriving the history and traditions of the small communities dotted along the rivers and ridges.

As well as the various comunity facilities in Khancoban itself, we explored Corryong and its jaw-dropping, and carefully preserved and captioned Man From Snowy River Museum. With its themed rooms and 9 out-buildings, we were granted a very detailed insight into the lives of Jack Riley, Banjo Patterson, James Orgill Simpson and the legends of the High Country. A different era, a different lifestyle and a different perspective. What a wonderful group of volunteers who keep this alive, and so beautifully presented.

As well as the Museum we found a very useful bike repair/ maintenance station and the town square full of service items in the park and the Davis Federation style hut now an art hub. Corryong has a great community feel, great facilities and a well-stocked IGA.

Then it was back to Khancoban, along the Alpine Way to Waterfall Farm Road and our search for Major Clews.

The displays of Snowy Hydro and the history of this amazing engineering and power system scheme produced the name of H.P.G. Clews. Unknown in our primary school social studies, I became extremely curious to know more about this surveyor who was responsible for the mapping of the terrain and planning access routes that allowed the scheme to become a reality. Finding his hut and learning more about him became a ‘must do’ on our final day. This was a highlight for me, thanks to the friendly locals, Cam, Dee and Andy; the National Parks Service maps and information Centre in Khancoban and the 4 x4 ably driven by T across Bones’ private property and up to the well-preserved hut on the walking trail circuit. Very special! LSM has agreed to delve deeper into researching the life and times of this amazing character with the aim of building more of a narrative around his achievements.

A visit to the area is enhanced by the history displayed at many different locations and real life look at the power station, and we were no different from the many other visitors to the area. Contemplation of the whole experience was easy because of the peace and quiet of the Boat Ramp area at the Pondage for lunch…the only other intrusions upon the serenity were the water birds and the cattle drinking along the edge.

And so to the salute to our trip at the Alpine Inn pub with a Batlow cider and a Pale Ale – long may the Snowy Mountain High Country and Khancoban prosper!

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